“What’s Your Talent?” is a global talent contest where kids and teens (ages 18 and under) can submit their videos displaying their talent for a chance to win $100 USD! To enter, simply post your child expressing their talent! Talent can be any special skill or ability that your child has! To submit for the contest, simply use #Kidsplosion when posting to your own TikTok account. All entries must be posted by October 15th, 2023. The most liked video by Sunday, October 15th, will win $100 USD. Second and Third Prize winners will receive a Kidsplosion Prize pack. Please see below rules!



There will be 3 winning videos selected for this contest. First prize winner will be selected by having the most liked video, using #Kidsplosion. The winning video selected will receive $100 USD along with Certificate. Second and Third prize winning video participants will receive a Kidsplosion Prize pack containing Kidsplosion items. There is one prize per winning video.

* All submitted videos MUST feature talent of youth ages 3-18. There can be any number of participants within your submitted video, however only one prize will be granted per winning video. Participating videos that may not have been selected to win, may still be displayed on Kidsplosion.ae website for further exposure.
* Submitted videos MUST include #Kidsplosion to be entered.
* All submissions MUST be posted no later than 12:00AM Sunday, October 15th EST. The Winner will be announced on this website. All submissions MUST be posted on TikTok.
* Videos may not include music or concepts with profanity, nudity, or other derogatory content. Any such videos will not be considered. Videos cannot showcase or endorse the harming of another person, animal, or property.

Winners will be contacted on the TikTok account in which the video was posted. Payment of $100USD will be sent to the given Paypal account.  Prize pack will be sent to the address given at time of winning.

ALL videos must include #Kidsplosion to be entered.
* Videos that include the word Kidsplosion (whether saying, rapping, reading, spelling, etc) will be strongly considered.
* Videos that include all Kidsplosion logo colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow will be strongly considered.
WINNERS will be chosen on Sunday, October 15th.

Have Fun! Good Luck!