Kidsplosion facilities offer several creative courses under one roof. All children can DISCOVER what they love with introductory courses in everything from Acting, Dance, Gymnastics, Karate,  Hair/Nail Design, Fashion, Construction, Speech, and much more. In addition to year around course offerings, local centers offer our unique programming in summer camps and afterschool care, along and events and birthday parties.


Every education system should include self awareness and talent discovery as apart of its general education. Just as important as English, Math, and History (for example) is the full awareness of one's own talent and abilities. Kidsplosion offers unique curriculums, courses, and programs to both government and private schools to ensure every child properly DEVELOPS within their strengths, ensuring full potential is reached.


Consider a world with children and teens fully functioning in their gifts and abilities! This world introduces Kidsplosion Entertainment. Children who cook, dance, write, sing and more will have several platforms to showcase their talent. Television and radio shows, youth Olympics and sporting events are just a few of the new planforms that will be created and celebrated just as they are for adults. Kidsplosion Entertainment includes Television programming, Movies, Record Companies, and other media outlets to DISPLAY our children's talents.


Understanding children have talent everywhere, creates the obligation of  children being more aware of each other. Opening the lines of communication among our children globally increases understanding and appreciation of culture. Kidsplosion creates a global force of youth talent. One program encompassing this shared communication is "Travel With Us" where participants can travel to cities where Kidsplosion has partnered schools and organizations.


Is a themed amusement and retail complex dedicated to the discovery, development, and displaying of youth talent and abilities. City includes theme park featuring rides and activities in various career options, youth inspired shopping mall, science center, and activity center for youth courses and events.