Summer Camp (Day Camp):

Our full-day camp experience includes a large variety of creative course offerings and activities in dance, acting, music, art, athletics and more allowing youth to Discover their talents and interests. Each day includes various group projects, games, and presentations geared toward children Developing within their talents and Displaying them.

Creative Afterschool:

Our creative afterschool experience gives children the opportunity to Discover, what creative options they love. Each weekday features an area of interest including Music, Dance, Acting, Athletics, and more.

Holiday Camp (School Break):

These full-day Camps are offered during school holidays. In addition to our full-day camp experience, these camps include homework time and assistance to help students get caught up or have additional help during their breaks.

Weekend Day Camp:

These entertaining full-day Saturday/Sunday camps are held in convenient locations (apartment buildings, schools, churches, community centers, etc.) where parents can drop off their children for a full-day of creative courses, games, and fun.