Children in impoverished areas MUST be aware their inner abilities, talents, and strengths.  Learning trades, skills, and embracing their natural born abilities is absolutely necessary for their survival. It is our sincere goal for Kidsplosion to reach every country in the world. For this, EVERY program and event we do, proceeds go into ensuring that children in impoverished areas are also thriving in their abilities!

To date, we have served children in areas where you see the blue marker. Help us continue to fill the globe, ensuring ALL children are embracing their gifts, talents, and abilities!

If you can help us serve a high need community who needs our services for free, please let us know. It is our pleasure to serve children who need us most!


Children in vulnerable areas sure would LOVE to see you! If you are interested in sharing your OWN gifts, talents, and abilities with children abroad, please let us know! Click on "Contact Us" for more information.

Meet Carlena Evans,
the proud Founder and CEO
of Kidsplosion.