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Proceeds from Every service support similar services in impoverished areas!

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Where It All Began

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Our Story

Kidsplosion enables youth to DISCOVER what natural abilities they have and what career paths they are interested in, realizing that anything is possible. Kidsplosion then helps youth to DEVELOP their passions in a variety of creative options and programs. Finally, Kidsplosion gives youth opportunities to DISPLAY their gifts and newfound talents by way of events, summer camps, and afterschool programs and more! Kidsplosion works with industry professionals to help youth understand that whatever career goal they can envision IS attainable! Kidsplosion produces confidence and provides the encouragement needed for youth to become successful in any career!

What makes Kidsplosion more unique, is that we serve both privileged and impoverished areas! We believe ALL children should be aware of their gifts, talents, and abilities. Therefore, proceeds from every paid program, event, or service we offer, allow us to offer similar programs in impoverished areas around the world! Established in 2009 in USA, Kidsplosion has now proudly served thousands of children across the globe!

In 2016, Kidsplosion incorporated Kidsplosion Ghana, an NGO serving youth throughout the country of Ghana. In 2022, Kidsplosion incorporated in Kampala, Uganda. And now we are proudly licensed and operating in Dubai, UAE.

Despite Kidsplosion's many accomplishments to date, we have only scratched the surface of our purpose. With limitless potential for growth, Kidsplosion continues to grow throughout the world, carrying out our global purpose of ensuring that ALL youth are thriving within their gifts, talents, and abilities!

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